Andersonville: Giving up the Ghosts

Andersonville, Giving up the Ghosts
Andersonville Giving up the Ghost
A Collection of Prisoner’s Diaries, Letters & Memoirs
paperback, 115 pages

Between February 1864 and April 1865, it is estimated that 45,000 Union prisoners were confined in the Confederate stockade, Camp Sumter, near Anderson Station, Georgia, forever to be remembered as Andersonville. Approximately 25,000 men survived their prison experience and returned home to tell their tale of suffering. Close to 13,000 Union soldiers did “give up the ghost” in Andersonville.

This book gathers a wide variety of prisoner writings, letters, memoirs, sketches and diary accounts.
A most appropriate tribute and remembrance to the Union soldiers who were held prisoner at Andersonville, and to all American POWs throughout time.

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