Sadie and Mollie Dolls

Sadie and Mollie dolls
Sadie and Mollie Dolls

In 1996, after a painstaking, six-month restoration, the Shriver House Museum opened its doors to tell the story of the Battle of Gettysburg through the eyes of the Shriver family - George, Hettie, Sadie and Mollie. Sadie was seven years old at the time of the battle; Mollie was five. After years of searching for a Civil War style doll with no success and in recognition of our 20th anniversary, the Shriver House Museum is excited to present dolls made in the memory of those two little girls who endured so much.
A ‘daguerreotype’ hang-tag comes attached to each doll with a brief description of the child.
Sadie and Mollie Dolls
Sadie Shriver

Seven-year-old Sadie is 18” tall wearing a blue plaid dress with a matching ribbon in her brown hair, bloomers, and Mary-Janes style shoes in the style of a girl growing up in the 1860s.

Price: $24.95

Sadie Shriver Doll
Mollie Shriver

Standing at 16” tall, five-year-old Mollie wears a red plaid dress with matching bows in her blond pig-tails, an off-white apron, bloomers and high-top, laced shoes typical of a young girl in the 1860s.

Price: $19.95