Confederates Take the Shriver House!
The Fourth Day of the Battle of Gettysburg - the Aftermath

Confederate soldier

"Civilians Caught In The Crossfire"

Saturday July 1st, 2023

      5:00 till 9:00 pm 
Gettysburg civilians
On Saturday, July 1, from 5 to 9 pm, the Shriver House Museum will reenact the Battle of Gettysburg from a very different perspective - through the eyes of one family who was caught up in one of the deadliest battles ever to take place on American soil. While families all over town watched the conflict unfold from their cellar windows, the home of George and Hettie Shriver was commandeered by Confederate sharpshooters. At least two Confederate snipers were shot and killed in the house. Forensic blood evidence has been detected in the bloodstained Confederate sharpshooters nest. Learn what occurred during those three days of horror that terrified the citizens of Gettysburg and how the Shrivers’ lives were affected before, during, and after the fighting.

The Battle of Gettysburg was a terrifying experience for the residents of this historic town. But it was the end of the battle that was truly the beginning of the nightmare for people who had never been exposed to the incredible horrors of war. More than 170,000 Union and Confederate soldiers converged on the town in July 1863. Approximately 70,000 of those soldiers were Confederates which, no doubt, was frightening for the citizens of this Union town who were not aware of Gen. Lee’s orders which forbade the seizure or injury of private property by his men. Most Lee’s men followed his orders; but there were some who did not. One resident stated the Confederates “went from the garret to the cellar, and loading up the plunder in a large four-horse wagon, drove it off.” Another citizen recounted how the invaders “tried to see how much damage they could do.” Step back in time to understand what the battle was like for one family who called Gettysburg ‘home’ in 1863.

The Shrivers’ were one of the wealthiest families in town at the time. Living historians bring their story to life as you stand just feet from Confederate sharpshooters firing muskets on their Union adversaries. See beautiful rooms ransacked by the invading forces and watch as nurses tend wounded soldiers in a make-shift hospital. At the conclusion of the tour enjoy a cold refreshment in George Shriver’s Saloon while listening to stories of what a few other families endured during the fighting. This is the only Civil War reenactment to take place in the house where it truly happened in July 1863.

For reservations contact the Shriver House Museum, 309 Baltimore St., Gettysburg, PA, at 717-337-2800

Step back in time to understand how the battle affected one family who called Gettysburg ‘home’ in 1863:

• Walk through the Shrivers’ home while living historians recreate life in the 1860s  
• Talk with Confederate soldiers as they prepare for battle
• See rooms left in ruins by the invading forces
• Watch as doctors perform surgery on wounded soldiers in a make-shift hospital
Visitors in the parlor

Reservations are available but not required
Admission: $15/adult; $12.00/children 12 & under