Customer Service

Privacy Policy

We collect information needed to process your order and contact you later (if that is necessary). This information may be used to perform basic customer service. Our primary method of communication is email, but we do require your phone number in case we are not able to connect via email or the issue at hand would be resolved more easily with person-to-person conversation. 

We collect the following information:

Email Address
Phone Number
Billing Name and Address (exactly as used with your Credit Card account)
Shipping Name and Address 

This information is shared with third parties only to the extent required to fulfill your order. We do not sell or expose your data to third parties for purposes of marketing other products or services. We may use this information to communicate new purchase opportunities on the website in the future, but you will be able to "opt out" of such communications by responding appropriately to the message.

We do not collect or store any information related to your credit card. When you have completed your shopping and proceed to check-out, you are passed to a secure site hosted by PayPal (a leading provider of credit card processing services) where your credit card information is entered and processed. If your payment is processed successfully, you are passed back to our site to complete the order process (i.e. the order is initiated and a confirming email is sent to you). 

If you have any questions or need more information please contact us at: