Here is a small sample of artifacts discovered during the restoration of the house and currently on display in the museum.

Live Confederate .58 Caliber Bullets
Live Confederate .58 caliber bullets
Confederate .58 Caliber Bullets
Confederate .58 caliber bullets
Percussion Caps
Percussion caps

'Lindsay's Blood Searcher' & Glass Syringe Circa 1858
Lindsay's Blood Searcher

Union Bullets Removed From Brick & Mortar Near Garret Window     
Union bullets from brick

Glass Whiskey Flask Circa 1860

1860 whiskey flask

Girls Shoe (Sadie Or Mollie's?) Found In Wall 
Girls shoe found in wall

Period Spectacles, Buttons, Glassware
Period spectacles and glassware

1917 Jello Cookbook
1917 Jello cookbook