Old Fashioned School Books for Children

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Old Fashioned School Books for Children

Sometimes, the old way really are the best ways. For those wishing to broaden their child’s education with the lessons and techniques that most of us, our grandparents and their grandparents before them had learned, these books just may be what you are looking for.

Spencerian Penmanship Lesson Books

Spencerian Penmanship Books

Many public schools across the nation have eliminated the teaching of penmanship, or “cursive” as most have come to know it. The Spencerian System of Practical Penmanship lesson books were in use from 1850 until 1925 and teaches the student the time-tested way of how to learn the technique of handwriting. There is a Theory Book to use as a Teacher’s Guide and five lesson books included in the set. Beginning with the formation of lower case letters in Book 1 and ending with the skills required to write complete sentences in book 5, these books will be sure to keep handwriting from becoming a lost art.

Lesson Books 1-5: Paperback, 24 pages each
Theory Book: Paperback, 64 pages
$25.99 for each set.
Set includes: The Theory Book and Lessons 1 through 5 for a total of six books.

McGuffey’s Pictorial Eclectic Primer

McGuffey’s Pictorial Eclectic Primer
McGuffey’s Pictorial Eclectic Primer has not been used in schools in over 100 years, but it’s lessons are as valid today as they were then. This hardback book is an excellent way to get your child started reading. Beginning with the alphabet, the early lessons have simple three- and four-word sentences of one line each. Progresses to longer sentences and full paragraphs. Original illustrations are utilized throughout. Suitable for ages 4-7 and even beyond depending on the needs of the student, the Primer incorporates upper and lowercase lettering, spelling, punctuation.

Hardbound, 133 pages

$13.95 each