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The Shriver House

Shriver sitting room
The home of George Washington Shriver has been restored to its original 1860s appearance to preserve its history for future generations. It is located in the heart of the National Register Historic District where the streets were filled with Confederates and citizens took cover in their cellars during the battle. Tours include all four floors of the Shrivers' home - from the Confederate sharpshooters nest in the garret to the cellar that housed Shriver's Saloon.

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  • Shriver sitting room
  • Hetties Shriver kitchen
  • Shrivers bedroom
  • Sadie & Mollies room
  • Shriver garrett
  • Cellar kitchen
  • Shriver saloon
  • Shriver 1860 garden
  • George Shriver's workroom

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Shriver House reception entrance

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Come tour the Shriver House and see every room in their home to understand what everyday life was like in the mid-19th century and learn how one family was affected by the Battle of Gettysburg and the Civil War.